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Wictoria Circus was established in 2015. The management runs the Circus with great passion. We love our animals and treat them like members of our big circus family! We focus on modernity, which is why we bring news from the world of the circus! Every year our circus is richer in logistic novelties, such as tents or lighting. The level of the programs is important to us, so we invite world-renowned artists, and we make sure that the Polish audience has the opportunity to watch the program on a high level. In 2019, we had our first 5th anniversary of our circus! Spectacle

Fri "Long Live Victor" was very well received by Poles. In 2020, as the first circus in Poland and the third in Europe, we introduced animal holograms and thus created a show that combines a traditional circus with a 21st century circus!

We invite you to the tent of our circus!

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